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  • Pick up from Airport.
  • Private AC Car + Fuel. 
  • Driver guide.
  • Off road drive
  • Overnight luxury The White Camp
  • Camel ride
  • Activities (Quads, Buggy …)
  • Swimming pool  hotel.
  • Tour Around the dunes with 4×4 car.

Questions & Answers

1 hr 56 min (128.1 km) via R702 and N13

To take a 3 day trip please check airport flights available to Errachidia, it’s only 1 hr 56 min (128.1 km) munits drive to Merzouga.

Yes you can for 3 days trip 2 nights.

Yes you can if you book a private tour with us.

Yes you can swim in the Pools of Merzouga, but Between the year,  In the winter is impossible, you will be surprised some times how hot and sunny Merzouga is. 

Although there are fewer shops in Merzouga compared to other big cities of Morocco but still you can buy number of products from its local market like Dattes , Fossiles, Crafts, Carpets, long dresses, Merchandise and if you want to cook traditional Moroccan Cuisine in your Kitchen than do not forget to purchase the local spices particularly Ras El Hanout.

Yes, Merzouga is much more cost friendly than Marrakech. The Town of Merzouga is very friendly, cheap and easy to explore. Food and beverages can also be found in excellent prices.